New pictures of julius

We made it to Alaska, and Julius being Julius he has decided to be a concert pianist!

Check out the new we pics

Olga's new website

After a few days hard work and as an antidote to a quiet office, Olga has finished her new website design.

Regina And the Dragon

Pictures from Regina, sk, canada.... you can see the big park in the middle and something of the nice buildings you can see from their....

also dramatic pictures of olga's latest creation in deisgner babyware!


Julius in the park, new pictures

July 4th weekend and Olga was away...
So the boys went to the park to play!

New Julius Photo's

Olga finally managed to remind me to post these so everyone can see them...

Cats Kittens and Julius

New Pictures in The Gallery,
An eclectic mix of photos from the last month or so....


What a messy Eater

So here after long last are some more pictures....
we are super busy, but having a lot of fun, Julius seems to want to have 3 solid food feedings a day, so were trying to figure out how we can fit a solid feeding in the morning.

Then came solid food

Well, We gave julius a fine meal of ground pureed rice .... and the second time round he loved it!
so here are the photo's and also if you can play them a couple of movies on the second page of the gallery!
there are also some pictures from germany too so you can see how julius rode in style in karlshur.

Julius, some new pictures

No insects were hurt in the taking of these pictures,

But the Photographer is a little disturbed by them...

Taken with a reversed 24mm Sigma lens, to give a very high degree of magnification! it proved to be a challenge to find subjects small enough to fit in the frame, I think the images represent an area about 10mm by 7mm, with a depth of field of about 1 to 2mm.

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