Macro Photography, some inital experiments

I just bought some second hand gear from b&h photo, one thing is a no. 2 close up filter lens, this screws on as a 52mm filter, and gives greater magnification.

one needs to have the aperture set real small, f22 or such like, but it can give some cool results....

these were taken with my nikon 105mm VR lens, (and step down ring 62mm to 52mm). Often with a flash to get the image bright enough.

more pics as i experiment more....

Who would have thought, Julius and Nero can share nicely!

So I have just uploaded the latest pic's with Julius and Nero together sleeping, very cute!

oh and I also fixed a bug stopping us getting full size images.... so that should work now

Olga's webpages

New Photo's of Julius!

I took the time to upload the latest pictures of the little one. please feel free to rate them, and leave comments about which ones you like. Some of these were taken by Olga, So i am actually in some of the pictures!

Welcome To

New photo's are going to be regularly uploaded to

right now i am just experimenting seeing how i can get everything to work together.

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